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Amazon Ring and Sidewalk are Spying on You, and So Is That Bitch, Alexa!

Almost all my content is about (1) the modern revival of Native European religion and spirituality, especially that of the Germanic peoples, (2) the well-being, rights, security, and future of White people worldwide, and (3) how those things fit together.

But I also address issues of concern to people of ALL races and religions, for as I have said elsewhere, “Group Survival is Not a Zero-Sum Game.” (See my video by that title, elsewhere on this website.)

This article is about just such an issue; namely, thwarting the emerging surveillance state. No one wins if we are all in an electronic prison.

Our privacy is under attack from many different devices – but three of them, all by themselves, are enough to constitute a clear and present danger to our privacy, freedom, and autonomy. (See my related article, “The Coming Cyber-Dystopia.”) The culprits are Amazon Ring, Alexa Echo and Amazon Sidewalk. Ring takes pictures of you and your guests, Alexa has your voice print and your conversations, and Sidewalk networks it all to the Internet. What could go wrong?…Glad you asked!

Image and voice files are collected from these devices, and tagged with location and time. All this information is saved on the Amazon cloud servers. The fact that Amazon has close ties to the government, and often contracts with them, should not disturb you in the slightest, of course…

…Unless you hold the wrong political opinions. Or know someone who might be an “extremist.” And how about that gun that you were cleaning on Tuesday afternoon in the company of Bill and Joan who live three houses down from you? Did you know that Bill believes in various conspiracy theories which-of-course-have-absolutely-no-basis-in-fact?…

It only goes downhill from here. At about 11:29, the host describes how “They steal your network, utilize your own devices as bots, [part of a bot net] and then sell the services back to you.” And presumably to the government. Now I’m not a techie, so I may have missed some of the details, but the bottom line is: Detailed surveillance without your knowledge or permission, ready to be given or sold to government agencies or other customers.

We – all of us – need to fight this every inch of the way. The odds are against us, but what’s new about that? Don’t get complacent, don’t give in, don’t sell your freedom for trinkets!

RECOMMENDED ACTION: 1. Well, obviously, don’t use these products. 2. Refer others to this article and to my website.

SOURCE: My source is the video linked below. It is one of many from a channel that can aid our fight for privacy, freedom, and the existence of our people. Go there. Learn – Act – Resist!

“Skynet Went Live June 8! Attn: Alexa Echo and Ring Owners”