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And the Wind Rises…

Sheila and I just returned from a visit to the Pacific Northwest, where we attended a couple of excellent Asatru events hosted by friends in the area.  The energy was high, the attendance excellent, and the dedication inspiring at both.  Our movement has come such a long way in the last few years!  Odin (Woden, or Wotan) the One-Eyed One is stirring the heart and soul of his Folk.  It pleases Him to see that his sons and daughters are remembering their ancient ways, and asserting themselves at last!  Dr. Carl Jung was right; the river cannot be dammed forever!

In the political realm this spiritual energy manifests as the furious reaction across the country to the teaching of “Critical Race Theory” and the pernicious “Project 1619” in our schools.  These programs are endorsed by the Washington regime, and both are attacks on men and women of our Folk (“All Whites are guilty of racism,” and so forth).  It seems our survival instincts are not entirely dead.  These propaganda campaigns are designed to turn our children against their families and their ancestors, and to pave the way for restructuring our entire society.  My counsel is for our Folk to be assertive, maintain the moral high ground, refuse to cooperate with this evil agenda, and to (paradoxically) show our power by avoiding violence.

Wotan Mit Uns!