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Dystopia on Overdrive

Yesterday I found Werner Herzog’s video “Lo and Behold  –  Reveries of the Connected World” on You Tube.  Dating from 2016, it describes the birth of the internet and gives a vision of what is yet to come.  Goodbye, humanity…

Oh, there will still be people   – but what it means to be human will change.  Imagine a world where thoughts can be transmitted directly –  where the border between self and not-self is blurred, where humans seldom interact directly with other humans and are content with the company of “the internet of me,” with machines and robots, and with virtual reality that cannot be distinguished from the real world.  We won’t interact with the internet the way we do now, through desktop computers and laptops; it will be unobtrusive, invisible, permeating the world around us and  reacting to our whims, accessed by the spoken word and/or implantable devices.

Think that’s crazy?  The first phones designed to be implanted in the human body will, according to predictions, be sold in 2023.

The most important parts of the film are the last few minutes  –  say, about 1:30:45.

I am not a machine.  I will not become a machine.  I will fight this  –  in the name of humanity, Tradition, freedom, spirit, love, and life; for our ancestors and our descendants.

How will I fight?  I will turn off my phone…take a walk in the woods…read a book…make love…make war…make ideas.  In the words of Julius Evola, I will Revolt Against the Modern World.

Non serviam   –  “I will not serve.