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Great Replacement? Just a Conspiracy Theory, of Course…

Few things will get you banned from social media faster than writing about the “Great Replacement” – the claim that there is a deliberate conspiracy to displace White people in America with other races. Personally, I think that there is truth to this; certainly, the Biden administration would like to replace White voters with non-White ones from south of the (largely non-existent) border!

A recent article in Atlantic Monthly ( “The Myth of a Majority-Minority America,” June 13, 2021) is reassuringly subtitled “The narrative that nonwhite people will soon outnumber white people is not only divisive, but also false.”

Hmm…Most of the census predictions I’ve seen are that, by the 2040’s, America will be exactly such a “majority-minority” nation. So, how could I – not to mention the census – have gotten it so wrong?

Stephen McNallen

In other words, there will still be White people – it’s just that they won’t look quite the same. Their skin will be darker. There will be fewer blonds. Their facial features will be different. And they’ll be Black or Asian or Latino, as well as White. After a few generations of this, everyone will be everything. We’ll be one big glob of inharmonious features.

It would be bad enough if race was only skin-deep. But race determines so much more than skin color, or eyes, or hair. We don’t think the same. Our essence – our soul, if you will – is different. Our Ancestors are different. Our Gods are different. (For a study of inherited behavioral differences, see Human Sociobiology: A Holistic Approach by Daniel G. Freedman.)

As a White person, I strongly oppose destroying our uniqueness. I want my descendants to resemble my ancestors . Black people, Asian people, American Indian people, and every other distinct or semi-distinct group on Earth should feel the same – and probably would, if they hadn’t been brainwashed.

Whatever happened to that sacred word, DIVERSITY, that’s been pounded into our heads for years?

“According to the most detailed of the Census Bureau’s projections, 52 percent of individuals included in the nonwhite majority of 2060 will also identify as white. By the same token, the white group will become much more diverse, because 40 percent of Americans who say they are white also will claim a minority racial or ethnic identity.”

We are well on the way to a future without people who are recognizably and specifically White…or anything else.

​You’ve heard of “mutual suicide pacts”? This madness is a “mutual GENOCIDE pact.” We need a sea-change in attitudes, a rethinking of our duty to our respective ancestors – NOW!