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Group Survival is not a Zero-Sum Game

The Declaration of Purpose of the Asatru Folk Assembly calls for the promotion of true diversity among the peoples and cultures of the Earth and elaborates on that in the following statement: Quote:

“The world is not one uniform, unvarying mass. All peoples are, and by right ought to be, distinct and unique. Each and every culture should relish those differences and be free to work out their own destinies. Only in our uniqueness can our respective Gods fully manifest. The AFA supports the efforts of all cultural and biological groups to maintain their identity and opposes the cultural Marxists who would reduce all of humanity to an indistinguishable gray mass.”

I believe in these words as much today as when I originally wrote them, and it makes sense whether you are Asatru like me, or Christian, or agnostic. One of its implications is that cultural or racial survival is not a zero-sum game. Win-win solutions are possible and, where not compromising our own vital interests, desirable.

I have long quit caring whether most people think of me as a racist or not. The truth is, any white man or woman with the temerity to say they want our race to survive and thrive WILL be called a racist by unthinking segments of the population. That’s just the time in which we live, fair or not. Welcome to the kali yuga, or as we Asatruar call it, the Wolf Age!

That said, I have put a lot of personal effort — and discomfort, and not a little risk — into helping people of other races around the world. Now, why would a so-called “racist” want to put his comfort, not to mention his life, on the line for Third Worlders? Answer: Because my innermost self told me it was the right thing to do, which actually is reason enough. But, also, it serves MY folk, as well. Here’s my story —

I received my multicultural education not in the classroom nor on carefully-insulated, all-white tourist jaunts through the Third World. Instead, I rode endless miles in the back of trucks through a dozen countries in Africa, crowded in with the locals. I shared food with bus passengers in Algeria, and sat around a campfire in the Sahara with Arab truck drivers. I drank tea in the homes of Tibetan rebels. I walked through minefields with villagers in rural Burma. By experiencing travel, food, and danger in the company of men and women of many cultures and races, I acquired a balanced respect for the peoples of the Earth. I met a lot of good men and women, none of whom have ever done anything to harm me, or my race. This attitude in no way lessens my love for my own people, or my determination to serve my people as best I can, nor does it mean I will tolerate actual aggression from others when that DOES happen.

My appreciation of other cultures comes partly from the things we have in common but, actually, I value our DIFFERENCES more than our similarities. Differences between groups are good, and ought to be respected and preserved. Blending human cultures into a mish-mash of “diversity” destroys their flavor, their unique quality.

The problem is not, generally speaking, one of getting along with people who are different from us. The REAL problem is those people who want us to ALL BE THE SAME, to surrender our group identity and self-determination. Their motivation may be ideological: a conviction that humankind MUST, for some reason, become homogeneous. Their goal is, perhaps, one of absolute equality, a sort of metaphysical Marxism. My response to that is simple: “Free people are not equal, and equal people are not free.”

On the opposite pole from Marxism, there are those who seek globalization and uniformity not from political ideology, but for love of PROFIT. Globalization brings wealth, and wealth means that more people, from pole to pole, are “free” to drink Pepsi and buy the latest permutation of the cell phone. The existence of national cultures makes it harder to sell things to people, and INDIGENOUS cultures, bound to blood and soil, are ESPECIALLY bad for globalists. THOSE cultures have to be erased — or as the perpetrators are more likely to say, “brought into the 21st century” — by modernization where possible and by forced relocation from or replacement in their ancestral lands, if that’s an issue. Trapped between the Marxists and the marketers, they are in special danger of losing their identity. This is true of Indians in the Amazon…but it is also true for the Swedes, the Germans, the English, and all the European peoples.

With REAL diversity — as opposed to the fake di-VER-sity that is used as a weapon against distinct peoples — everybody benefits EXCEPT our would-be masters. Any time a nation, tribe similar group stands up for its own essential culture, economy, and ethnic nature, that deprives the banks, the mega-corporations, and the social engineers of some of their power. I like that, and the unhappier they are, the MORE I like it. But the would-be world managers DON’T like it, which is why countries that want to be free of the global control systems end up getting invaded.

…And therein lies yet another reason we should support the existence of other groups than our own, and why I support the Tibetans and the Uyghurs and Taiwanese against China, Amazonian tribesmen against various corporate land grabs, the Karen people against the government of Myanmar, Palestinians against Israel, Europeans against the EU and the Kalergi plan, and ALL of us against the United Nations!…THAT is what REAL diversity looks like!

…and it makes the world a much more interesting place!