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It Will Be “Okay to Be White” When We MAKE It So!

Like so many of us, I get bogged down in my various projects – going to Asatru events, and political events, and generally taking care of business. Every now and then I have to stop and ask myself if I am heading in the right direction.

I’ve had a lot of realizations lately. One of the strongest is that time is limited, I’m not going to live forever – probably – and if I want to accomplish my life goals, I need to focus on the things that really matter. Well, like most of us I have a lot of things that “really matter” – but the biggest one for me is the survival of my people.

What does it mean, “My people?”…Who are they? People from Texas? Army veterans? People with Irish surnames? A Jewish person might get it; most Jews understand that they are members of “a people” and lots of them even think they are God’s Chosen People, whatever that means. That doesn’t bother me; everyone has a right to prefer their own and take pride in that identification. A lot of Black folks would get it, too, and a lot of Mexicans think of themselves as “La Raza” and seek power for their people.

But a White man? That’s two strikes against me, by modern American standards…not just White, but a man – what could I possibly have to be proud of?

But I AM proud of us – call us White, call us European-Descended, call us Aryan, call us Native European, I don’t care…It’s not just ME, it’s my parents, my family back for as long as I can trace, my distant ancestors down through the generations and centuries and ages. All those ancestors were winners, by definition, because they survived long enough to reproduce despite war, famine, earthquakes, ferocious beasts and even more ferocious people.

…And like any group of people, we have our our ways….a physical resemblance, sure, but also our unique “way of being in the world”…our demeanor, our attitude, our preferences, our mythologies, the political systems we build, the art we create, the way we see the world around us. I like us. I prefer to be around us. I am most comfortable with us. When I married, I sought out another one of us – because I wanted to pass on that gift of life to another generation of us. I don’t feel bad about any of that. I think this is entirely natural. It is not an assault on, or a critique of, any other group of people. I am respectful to everyone, until they personally give me reason to do otherwise. I play well with others. I don’t hate anyone because of the color of their skin, and I think it’s okay to be Black or Brown or Yellow.

Unfortunately, a lot of people aren’t returning the favor. I just came from the Black Lives Matter website. Every time the word “Black” appears on that site, it is capitalized. Every time the word “white” appears, it is in lower case. (UPDATE: This was written before the Associated Press stylebook – the industry standard – announced that “Black” will henceforth be capitalized, but “white” will not…a change that came a few weeks after the 2020 protest-and-riot season started). Interestingly, BLM is not considered a hate group; in fact, they have non-profit status and are handled with kid gloves by every media organization and politician in the country. So, I guess it is okay to be Black, but…not okay to be White? Lots of my White brothers and sisters seem to agree, because they march in the streets with Black Lives Matter, and wear their tee shirts and give them millions of dollars. The sometimes-heard response of “All lives matter” is rebuffed as…You’ve got it – ray-cist. But let’s take it to the next step. What if someone DARED wear a shirt with “WHITE lives matter”…Well, “someone” would get hurt. OUR “someone.” Obviously it is NOT okay to be White.

The ultimate proof of innate White evil is the leaflet reading “It’s Okay to Be White” which has appeared on walls and bulletin boards and telephone poles all across the country. This simple assertion – which no fair-minded person could challenge – provokes temporary insanity wherever it is seen. Not only are the flyers taken down, manhunts ensue for the vile perpetrator. Doxxing, expulsion from school, violent threats from Antifa, and in some cases criminal charges have resulted.

This flyer campaign is, of course, magnificent psyop on the defenders of the right to be White. They force the system to, for once, tell the truth, and the truth is that really, in America, it is literally NOT “okay to be White.”

Think about that. If it doesn’t make you feel uneasy, – regardless of what YOUR race is…it should. There is simmering hostility in America against White people…despite affirmative action, despite White people’s slavish tolerance of anti-White television commercials, despite the crime statistics that show that WE are overwhelmingly the victims of violence when it crosses racial lines…It just keeps coming. When will it stop? When the last one of us dies?

It will stop WHEN WE MAKE IT stop. When WE fire our politicians. When WE bombard the media. When WE reveal the Southern Poverty Law Center for the hate group is it. When WE fight the metapolitical and political battles to change it.

How do we get to “When?” It will be one of the most difficult things we ever do, but we must do it if we are not to first, be marginalized, then eventually become dispossessed and irrelevant, and finally – yes, I’m serious – extinct. Just because that might not happen in our lifetimes does not make it acceptable. We owe it to those who went before us, and all those who will come after us to engage this problem, and to solve it decisively.

As for the “what” we must do – well there are quite a few things.

We must learn to love our Whiteness. Yes, you heard me right! That evil old Whiteness, the new mark of Cain. Blacks are encouraged to love their Blackness. Brown people, similarly, are urged to love being brown. We’re not just talking about black or brown skins, but to love their essence through and through. And fair enough – but nobody had better complain about us doing likewise. I love being White – not because of the alleged privileges that come with it, but because it is an outward sign of all those ancestors who gave me life.

Second, we must ACT on that love…Share it…stand by each other when we are unjustly attacked…refuse to let others abuse us. And we must always represent our race well: That means being honorable, and fair, and hard-working, and brave.

These reflect things we must BE. But there are also things we must DO – real deeds in the real world.

We must vote, as hopeless as it seems sometimes…and donate money and volunteer effort to those who will support our interests.  Courting the “White vote” needs to be as legit as courting the “Black vote” or the “Latino vote.” But that’s just the beginning; we need to march in the streets, carry signs, boycott wokefulness. We need to put up stickers and leaflets.

We need to encourage strong marriages and families, and build those families and our singles into strong communities.

To those of you want to do spiritual warfare, you can support Asatru, in particular the Asatru Folk Assembly, which practices and promotes our traditional spirituality and culture. And, very importantly, you can support the Wotan Network, which seeks the Awakening of our people. That means sharing memes, climbing mountains and pouring mead to Wotan, and various magical, metapolitical, and political acts.

nAnd, hey, you might even want to work independently or with established groups to put up some of those scary “It’s Okay To Be White” posters…but you do so at your own risk. Ensure that you are not violating local laws, and be aware that, legal or not, you face risks not just to your reputation and your potential for employment, but to your safety.

Because the “powers that be” do NOT believe that it is “okay to be White.”[We must make it so.