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Justin Trudeau, Klaus Schwab, the Great Reset…and You!

By the time you read these words, Russia and Ukraine may be at war.  Where this will go is hard to predict; we can only hope that calmer heads will prevail.  I am a big fan of the “No more brother wars” approach; there are too few White people in the world for us to be slaughtering each other.

But as horrible as that prospect is, it is largely a distraction from another volatile situation:  the almost overnight devolution of Canada into a dictatorship, and signs that the United States may do so as well.  These events give meteoric velocity to the globalist agenda, and especially to that pet project of Klaus Schwab, “The Great Reset.”  It’s times like these that I fervently hope I am wrong.  The coming weeks and months  –  or days  – will tell us much more about where we stand; the prospects are bleak.

Justin Trudeau has reacted to a massive non-violent trucker demonstration with naked force, and his “emergency powers” have now, at his request, become permanent.  Canadians peacefully expressing the wrong opinions can have their bank accounts and property, to include their businesses, seized at the demand of the government (that is, Trudeau).  Funds raised by  third parties on their behalf are confiscated.  They are banned from social media.  Their reputations are ruined, and their livelihoods trashed.  In recent days, we have seen nonviolent protestors thrown to the ground and repeatedly beaten by police.  (See the video footage of one such beating on Tucker Carlson Tonight, 2/21/22 (; starting at about 13:50.)

It is a little know fact that Justin Trudeau is a graduate of Klaus Schwab’s “Future World Leaders” course, along with many other prominent people.  These are the “shock troops” of the Great Reset.  “Conspiracy theory”?  Watch the following to hear Schwab himself bragging about Trudeau’s participation, and about other graduates of the program who have infiltrated  governments around the world, at .

It ‘s not surprising that there is a United Nations component to this situation.  I’ve seen a video taken at the Ottawa airport  –  I can’t find it online now  –   showing a large plane with “UN” painted on its tail…and a similar aircraft sitting next to it which has had its identification  painted over .  What the hell is that about?

The globalist agenda is not only a “real thing,” but in fact it seems to be reaching some dramatic point  –  which bodes ill for all of us.  Globalism, and especially the Great Reset, is death for White people and White civilization  –  and for that matter, the uniqueness of all races and civilizations on Earth, and our very humanity itself.

So what do we do?  Well, we don’t sit on our asses and let it happen.  But we must NOT react as the enemy hopes we will  –  with violence.  They would easily crush any armed dissent, and use it as justification  for their repression  –  “See?  We told you they were [Fill in the blank; extremist, right-wing, fascist, murderous, baby-killer, psychos]!”

What we can and must do, starting right now, is to support those who are opposing this criminal takeover of our nations.  That means supporting the truckers, to include the ones now forming up for convoys in the United States.

Go to and and watch mistersunshine’s video on how to continue the fight for freedom  –  before he is deplatformed. Copy and paste the links in the  description of his video so you’ll have the info when he’s banned.

Patronize the online stores listed, get informed, get active online, talk to people in coffee shops, spread the word.  Back the cause with bucks.  Get ready to take to the streets  –  your streets!  –  carrying signs and making friends.  Waking people up and motivating them to act is what it is all about.

So, let’s get started… today!