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New Videos Now on YouTube, More to Come!

It\’s been a long time since I created a new video  –  until a couple of weeks ago, that is!  Besides the two below, we\’ll post number three in the series early next week.

I’ve recently posted two new creations on Youtube.  Here are the descriptions:

Battlefield 1: Spirituality

Politics is important, but it pales in comparison with spirituality. Politics is a thing of the body and mind – but spirituality springs from the soul. Until we win the spiritual battle, we will never win the political struggle for the existence, well-being, and Destiny of the European-descended peoples. Our native, ancestral beliefs call to us – they are an essential component of who we are, and who we can yet become. “Only when we realize we are a river, will we stop drowning in puddles.”

Battlefield 2: Privacy

We live in a full-blown surveillance state. Our phones, our social media, the omnipresent cameras and facial recognition algorithms betray us at every turn. A world without privacy is a slave world, no matter how benevolent the slavemaster claims to be. We must thwart those who would digitize our lives and rob us of our freedoms. The current situation is not to be tolerated.