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Our Secret Weapon – Fairness!

One of the traits the average White person values most is FAIRNESS.  Not that we always live up to it, by any means, but generally we think it’s important and we are offended by its absence.

This gives us a spiritual weapon we can use to enlighten our White brothers and sisters.  Instead of ranting about the Simply point out the unfairness of racial quotas, or of anti-White media bias, or situations where non-Whites are given a “pass.” Examples are:  It’s considered just fine to be proud of being Black, or Hispanic, or whatever but Whites are under no condition, ever , allowed to be proud of being White….Non-Whites can make fun of Whites for our foibles, but Whites are not allowed to  under comparable circumstances….On a more serious note, when a Black who has expressed his hatred of Whites rams his car into a large group of White people  –  thinking about the Waukesha incident some while back  –  it is not considered a racist act (“He just lost control of the car.”).  White people who commit any crime against non-Whites are racist; non-Whites can do anything they want to us and the media will avoid ascribing a racist motive.  Black Lives Matter and Antifa can burn down buildings without fear of punishment, terrorize innocent homeowners in White neighborhoods, trespass, and pretty much do whatever they want.  The list goes on and on.

Point out to your White brothers and sisters that all this is UNFAIR.  Do that in a way that does not imply that people of other races are inherently evil  –  just demand fairness.  White people will (often) get your point  –  and maybe, just maybe, consider the implications.