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Privacy – Your Resistance to the Surveillance State Starts Here!

In my recent article, The Second Battle: Privacy , I said that I would start adding tips for protecting your own information  –  and thus resisting the surveillance state in which we live.  Here are three links to get you started 

Fall 2021 New Phone Technology!  Significant Privacy Changes?

The privacy situation is an ever-shifting one.  Methods of defense that worked last year don\’t work this year.  Braxman gives you an update on some of your holiday shopping choices. 

Degoogled Phone from Rob Braxman Quick Review   –  As I mentioned in the article, Braxman sells de-Googled phones and similar gadgets.  Here\’s a review of  one of his products.  

Skynet Went Live June 8!  Att: Alexa Echo and Ring Owners!  –  I\’m not a tech guy, but you NEED to read the description of this video if you own these devices.  Seriously. 

Make your life an act of resistance!