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Singularity by Zachary Denman

Singularity is a short (six minutes plus) independent video produced by Zachary Denman, an independent film maker located in England. It paints a future in which AI (Artificial Intelligence, for those out of the technology loop) has essentially taken control of the world. Many people—but not all—live fantasy lives, uploaded into the computer, while a tiny minority of the ruling elite pull the strings. But there is yet hope for revolt…

Denman’s work is dark, haunting, composed largely of urban scenes shot at night or otherwise deserted – his other titles deal with the same dystopian scenarios, a warning of the future that awaits us unless we take control of ourselves and our lives. Other works of his have titles like “Great Reset,” “Cashless Society,” and “Track and Trace,” So far as I can tell, he is not “red pilled” on racial issues, but his work is essential for all of us who strive for the the existence, sovereignty, and well-being of our race … or of higher life on this planet of any sort.  

Visiting his site, “liking” it, and subscribing constitutes a “Revolt Against the Modern World” … please do it!