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The Dig

When Netflix isn’t participating in our ongoing cultural degeneracy, it produces some really good stuff…The Dig, for example. It’s a movie about the excavation of the Sutton Hoo ship — the stunning Anglo Saxon ship burial discovered near Ipswich, England . I found it not only informative, but also to be a compelling story about professors, humble excavators, and ordinary Englishmen on the eve of the Second World War — deeply soul-touching at times. Here’s a review – .

If things Anglo-Saxon fascinate you, try Greatest Archeological Discovery in British History – Visiting Sutton Hoo on Youtube — As my mother’s side of the family is English, I am very interested all things Anglo-Saxon. A Youtube search turned up a lot of other fascinating titles, in addition to this one. Check them out  —  and as always, give a “like,” and even a “subscribe,” to anything and everything sympathetic to our history, our culture, our worldview. The culture war is omnipresent; never pass up a chance to participate!