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The Wall Street Journal recently released an article titled “Americans Pull Back from Values that Once Defined Us,” released the results of a poll analyzing the changes in American culture over the last twenty years. Here are the results:

Twenty years ago, 70 percent of Americans described themselves as patriots; today that has dropped to 38 percent.
Those who thought religion was important fell from 62 percent to 39 percent.
The percent of those to whom having children was important went from 59 percent to 30 percent.
Americans who thought community involvement was important went from 62 percent to 27 percent.
Those who thought having a lot of money was important increased from 31percent to 43 percent.

I am somewhat ambivalent about some of these points – but it is clear that America has changed a lot, mostly for the worse. We are afflicted by a cultural malaise – Spengler’s “decline of the West.” Two things in particular stand out: (1) When it comes to valuing children, we know that White folks are indeed being replaced, not just in America, but worldwide. (2) The declining interest in community involvement is a clear sign of our inward-turnng, our preoccupation with the cell phone, social media, and the internet generally.

I address both of these problems, and others, in my soon-to-be-published book, The Spear. We must create a new culture, a culture that favors our people, a culture of resistance against the Borg, against the media-mind, against cybernetic domination. A return to our spiritual roots is the answer…But our salvation does not lie in the faiths of the Middle East.

We must take up the Spear of Wotan…the Spear of Awakening, of Wisdom, of Sovereignty, of Initiation.

Wotan shows the way!