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The “Great Reset” and the End of Humanity…Versus the Path of Odin?

Titles containing words like “the end of humanity” are never taken seriously; when we see them, it’s generally safe to conclude that the author is exaggerating,  The end of humanity?  Really?  We assume that the subject is nuclear war, or climate catastrophe, or maybe an errant asteroid headed for Earth…But that’s not what I have in mind.

The “Great Reset” has gotten a lot of coverage, and with good reason.  This project, the fevered brainchild of billionaire financial wizard Klaus Schwab’s “World Economic Forum”, is the ultimate globalist dream.  On the agenda is everything from monetary reform (Electronic and traceable, of course),  and an end to most individual property (Your car, your home, and even your clothes will be rented)   –  topped off with a complete lack of privacy (Total surveillance, including literally your dreams…Amazing what you can do with an implanted chip!).

This sounds too crazy to be true, but it’s real.  Go to the YouTube channel of the World Economic Forum and take a look.  Consider for a moment how graduates of the WEF’s “Young World Leaders” program have included people like Justin Trudeau, Angela Merkel, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Peter Buttigieg, and Gavin Newsome, and anti-White activist Ibram X. Kendi, among other leftists-of-interest.

This morning I watched two WEF videos on Youtube:  The first was People and the Internet .  It describes how, once functional computers are small enough to be implanted in humans, we’ll have a “blurring of the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds”   –  and it further asks, “In the future, will it be possible to ever be offline anymore?”  We might ask another question, as well:  How will this change our sense of self?  Anything that is online can be hacked; how will we know “self” from “other”?…What happens to our individuality?  Shades of the Borg!

The second video was a presentation by Yuval Noah Hariri, an Israeli historian and professor, at a meeting of the World Economic Forum.  The title was Will the Future Be Human?   His answer, emphatically, is “No.”

He opens his speech at about 2:36 into the video  –

“We are probably one of the last generations of homo sapiens.  Within a century or two Earth will be dominated by entities that are more different from us than we are different from Neanderthal or from chimpanzees…Because in the coming generation we will learn how to engineer biology, and brains, and minds…This will be the main product of the economy of the 21st century.”  Biology…and brains…and minds?

At least they don’t claim to engineer souls…What happens to those, anyway?

I have long said that “the existence of my people is not negotiable.”  I am a White man, proudly and without apology.  The transhumanist threat is, however, not just an assault on White people, but on all humans, everywhere.  All of us have a stake in the outcome and all of us need to fight the fight.  I fight for my Ancestors and descendants, others will fight for theirs, and I support that.

It is interesting from a cultural standpoint that this idea comes to us from Israel;  shades of the golem from Jewish history.  Not that the Jews have any monopoly on transhumanism.  But these are very different from Nietzsche’s Higher Man, or National Socialism’s Ubermensch , or even the Proletarian Man of Marxist fantasy.

For those of us who follow the Path of Odin, the Homo Technicus of Hariri and the World Economic Forum is an abomination.  We hate it for the same reason that General Patton (in the famous movie starring Gorge C. Scott) hated the innovation of the tank:  No glory, no honor, no courage….”Nothing is affirmed.” Odin’s Way is one of transformation, but ironically it is not a refutation of our humanity, but its magnification to the highest degree.  The Gods are our kin, the best in us, writ large, expanded exponentially, and this is a magnification that by its very nature cannot be mechanical or cybernetic…Call it a Path of the Soul, if you will; it is earned through struggle and pain, not engineered at Google.

I stand with humanity.  I stand with the Gods of my Ancestors.  I choose Homo Sapiens Aryansis (Yeah, I just invented that; so what?) over Homo Technicus .

I will fight this, regardless of the odds  –  by exposing this (literal!) crime-against-humanity, and by opposing the evil offspring of the “Young World Leaders program,” and by resisting  this philosophy wherever I find it.    I will walk (or hopefully, jog and occasionally sprint) on the Path of Odin.

Fight alongside me!

In a previous version of this post I wrote “Charles Schwab” rather than Klaus Schwab in the sixth line of text.  My apologies, and my thanks to the reader who pointed out my mistake!