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The Time of the Need-Fire!

The body of wisdom we call the runes – those mystic symbols and secrets Wotan won while hanging on the World Tree, pierced by the Spear – are important guides not only for our spiritual lives, but for practical matters as well – and this is true not only on the personal level, like advice on a career or a girl friend, but on a much larger scale…the rise and fall of nations, and peoples, and cultures.

It struck me last night that one rune, in particular, is pertinent to our daily headlines…the rune called Nauthiz in the oldest rune row. Nauthiz translates as “need,” or “distress.” But those words are misleading and inadequate…This is not “need” as in needing a cup of coffee, or needing a new job, or needing a mate. “Nauthiz” comes from a very old Proto-Indo-European word meaning “to be exhausted,” referring to the exhaustion that comes immediately before death, as the light is fading from one’s eyes at the end of life. It is terminal and terrible in its finality.

But, despite this, Nauthiz also suggests resistance to need – that last-minute desperation, that heroic will, which overcomes the need, and claims life and victory.

Nauthiz is shown as a straight vertical line with another line crossing it at an angle – reminiscent of a fire-bore or fire-bow, an ancient device for starting a fire. These are common devices in so-called primitive cultures, and you can learn to use one in a wilderness survival class. Our pre-Christian ancestors in the far North lit “need fires” – presumably so-named because, in the ice and snow of the winter forest, the ability to build a fire literally made the difference between life and death.

America, and the West generally, are rapidly closing in on that live-or-die point. Some would argue that we are there, now. The endless riots in major cities, the war against everything that comes from White hands or White minds, the “cancel culture,” the complete re-writing of American history, the demolition of monuments to our heroes – we are on the slippery slope. In Europe, the situation is little better. The nations there continue to tolerate the presence of millions of so-called refugees from around the world that, unless they are repatriated, will forever and literally change the face of Europe. This amounts to cultural and physical genocide on a scale unprecedented in world history.

And it will get worse. At some point, we will find ourselves facing events which will make our collective death inevitable…then we will pass that point, and all will be lost. We do not know when that day will come, but we would be foolish to fail to take action, now, lest we wake up some day to realize that all hope is lost, and that our only honorable course is to resist to the bitter end because it is better to die resisting than to passively consent to our removal from the stage of history. We will have betrayed both our ancestors and our descendants.

How do we light the need fire? How do we create that friction, that resistance to the coming dark?

Some argue for voting, others would organize militias, many will take to the streets with signs and flags, others predict (and quietly hope for) civil war…but ultimately most of our Folk sit in front of their televisions, in horror. For better or worse, we are entering a new historical era…

…and it’s up to you and me to make it a better era, instead of a worse one.

Before there can be political change, there must be a change in our attitudes, our culture, our spirituality.

I am not necessarily talking about converting the entire White population of the West to the native religion of our ancestors…though that would certainly bring the Leftist program to a screeching halt. But the more of our people we can bring to Wotan/Woden/Odin, the better, and we should earnestly seek our kin who are ready for that – but, in a more immediate sense, we need to recover the values and attitudes that permeate our ancient faith – honor, courage, devotion to kin, loyalty to our ancestors and our descendants – and a determination to ensure that our people, the European-descended peoples, shall never perish, or be humbled, or enslaved, or deprived of well-being, or of the great Destiny that awaits us.

We call for the Awakening of Wotan, father of the Gods, God of wisdom, ecstasy, and divine fury! Make the need fire! Write the Nauthiz rune with will and force where all can see it! Write the rune that sets fire to our souls, that saves our Race from darkness and death!

Want to do more? Read my book, The Spear – available this summer.

Welcome to…The Year of the Spear!