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Thinking the Unthinkable: Angry White People!

January 6, 2021 will live in our memory as the day when at least some White people finally reached a tipping point.

The day didn’t start well for me.

I awoke to discover that, as I had feared, radical Democrats had won the Georgia runoff election. This pretty much guarantees the Left will control Congress. Not a big deal, I guess; just the end of America as we have known it.  

Determined not to get depressed, I want upstairs to write.

I had gotten only a few words written when the phone rang. It was one of our friends, reporting that something was happening in Washington:    pro-Trump demonstrators were swarming the Capitol building! Nah…Couldn’t be true. Trump fans? Good conservative Republicans? Actually ACTING OUT? Not possible. I’ll see what got him excited and then… Holy crap! He was right! And most shocking of all — most of them were White people!

Now, you have to understand — right-wing White people don’t act out. They hold signs and chant on street corners. They don’t riot; they get attacked by rioters.

I was hypnotized by what I saw on the television screen. It was surreal. Trumpsters — armed for the most part with nothing except flags and signs —   were swarming into the Capitol building… You’d think they owned it or something.

Some of the signs and flags had poles, but most did not appear to; most wrapped their flags around their bodies, or carried signs They had no Antifa-style bottles of frozen water like the ones thrown at us at the Berkeley Free Speech events, no rocks or pyrotechnics. No blackjacks or any other kind of weaponry. No Antifa-style black masks, just a few bandanas. No one was trying to burn the building down, as we saw in Portland and Seattle and a score of other American cities just a few months ago; all they were doing was forcing themselves into the Capitol building. I saw them dodging security guards, but I saw no attempt to injure personnel, or start fires, or paint graffiti on the walls.

This “riot” was more like the Occupy Movement than the hard-core Bolsheviks that has run through America’s streets a few months earlier.

One young woman was shot and killed — by a government security guard. There is footage of her just before she was shot, standing with an American flag draped around her, attacking no one, when the bullet struck. She died on the scene. Reports are that three other people died, of “medical emergencies,” whatever that means. Nothing in this article should be interpreted as me excusing, belittling, or being insensitive to these casualties.

The controlled media all tried to blame Trump, and the morning news is full of demands him to be immediately removed from office and charged with treason. But if you listen to his words, he never told his supporters to riot, or to try to enter the Capitol building. Poor judgment, yes, but not criminal intent, and he soon called on his supporters to stand down.

Joe Biden — who had not spoken out against Antifa violence or BLM lawbreaking — accused pro-Trump demonstrators of “attacking democracy” and called their actions “an insurrection.” I guess Olympic-scale vote-theft by Joe’s party must be understood as DEFENDING democracy?

The lying press will try to spin this day’s events as the work of “racists”… ”White supremacists”… “ignorant red-necks”…whipped to a frenzy by “a defeat-maddened political demagogue.”

I will remember it differently: As the day that ordinary White people (and others, but overwhelmingly White people) finally had enough . Tired of getting screwed by the politicians, robbed by the taxman, accused of racism for the very fact of their existence, and censored by social media moguls that look like some half-human, half-alien experiment gone bad, they had finally reached the breaking point. Polite and obedient no more, born-again free men and free women, their shackles lie empty on the streets of Washington. Middle-class and working class White folks, the people who created this country and made it the most powerful nation on the planet, are not going to go back and put on their chains of self-hatred. That isn’t going to fly any more.  

Rowdy? Yes. Impolite? No doubt. Guilty of excessive zeal? For sure. I do not make light of this; I do not think it a lark. But the fact remains – when Whites are belittled every day in this country for their race, when their rural roots and historical culture are matters for “deconstruction,” when the “culture of critique” assumes their role as America’s villains — something has to break. Yesterday, it did.