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When I wrote and published The Spear, I  knew that its very creation was a spiritual act  –  even a magical one  –   designed to Awaken our Folk and plant the seeds of change in the soul of our people.  But change starts with each one of us:  We each must BECOME… wiser, stronger, more dedicated to the task before us, more in love with our glorious past and with the infinite promise of our future!

“Change yourself and you will change thousands!” as Jost Turner said.  

Follow the “Ninefold Way of the Spear-Wielder”…You are descended from a thousand heroes and heroines whose love for each other and for our Folk have changed the world.  It is up to us to carry on what they began!  Take up the Spear of Awakening, of Becoming, of Overcoming; of Fury and of Wisdom!

Stephen A. McNallen