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What’s Happening With Steve? Nothing But Good!

Yes, I’ve been absent from my website for a while.  No, I am not dead…Or kidnapped…Or sold into sex slavery by George Soros.

I have produced three videos, outlining what I believe are the biggest “battlefields,” or arenas of action, in our struggle to preserve the existence of our people and claim our Destiny.  I posted the first one, titled simply Spirituality , on my “Stephen McNallen”  Youtube channel yesterday.  Please pay it a visit!  It has already gotten a warm welcome and a surprising number of comments from people happy to see me back.

I also established a Bitchute channel under my name and posted the “Spirituality” video, but hardly anyone knows I have a channel there yet.  (If you are on Bitchute, give me a visit –  and spread the word to your friends!)

In the next few days I will expand into other platforms.  This is just the beginning.

Oh, you’re going to see a lot more videos as well.

…and to top it off, this website is going to get a complete makeover!