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Why We Need to Find our Soul – Why I Fight!

Finding our soul and reconnecting with our ancestral wisdom is not an abstract matter suited for discussion in dusty classrooms or in New Age study groups. It is a burning imperative that directly impacts the fate of not only the European-descended peoples, but indeed all life on Earth.

I fight this spiritual battle not merely to present the truths of indigenous European wisdom in a casual way, as a curiosity, or as a form of novel intellectual entertainment. Rather, I lay these pages before you with passion, compelled by the pressure of events to call your attention to a series of impending disasters. I am not a librarian or an ivory-tower academic; I am a deck hand on the Titanic, warning of icebergs dead ahead.

Just what are these passionate concerns? They are several, all of them interconnected to one degree or another. I list them in no particular order.

I announce the impending death of freedom all around the Earth. This may seem laughable, since we are continually being told that democracy is everywhere expanding and that men and women are increasingly free to buy Coca-Cola and watch television, but I will assert there is a threat to freedom much more subtle, more pervasive, and ultimately just as deadly as the obvious death-camps-and-shackles variety of totalitarianism.

I decry the death of individual cultures and peoples, not the least of which is the European-descended people around the world. It is paradoxical that, in a time when “diversity” is so loudly praised, that the diversity of peoples and cultures is actually declining. The marginalization of the European-descended peoples, in particular, has vast and ominous implications for the Western world and the globe as a whole.

I sound the alarm at the ravages wrought against nature. The environmental challenges we face will ultimately undermine our political and social freedoms because governments will respond, predictably, with more control over our everyday lives. A decaying environment will work against the survival of indigenous peoples living in the Arctic and the Amazon, to be sure, but European-descended peoples will face massive threats to their existence, as well.

Finally, I write of love — love of my people and their traditions, love of the world around me, love of human potential, love of the Holy Powers from which you and I are descended. Let us be worthy of our Divine Parentage, and take our places boldly in the world that we, and all life may thrive!