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Winter and Our Awakening

A few days ago we celebrated Winter Finding at Odinshof. It was, as always, an inspiring and motivating experience.

Whatever the calendar might say, there is that moment when you realize that summer is fading, and that fall has arrived. Appropriately, the day we were to meet at the Hof I awoke to find that, indeed, the air had a chill to it! After the sweat and swelter of the recent weeks, it was a delight. Indeed, I had found the first hint of winter! It was, literally, “Winter Finding.”

Winter is that time of year when nature goes dormant – and, to some extent, so do we. I find I am more inclined to introspection, more likely to cozy up by the fireside and read a book. At the time when the Sagas were written, this tendency must have been even more pronounced. If people weren’t tending the animals, or hunting, they might have gotten pretty stir-crazy, depending on how near they were to neighbors and how deep the snow had drifted. Privacy is fine, but the truth is, we need each other.

Winter comes not just to nature, but to entire nations, civilizations, and peoples. I’m not talking about the weather, but about the spirit, the soul. A Folk can freeze up, become death-like and degenerate. They forget who they are, and are blind to what they have become. That’s the case with the European-descended Folk, in America and around the world.

Think of it in terms of those primordial elements known to our forebears – Fire and Ice. Our fire burns low, and the ice is encroaching. Extinction is the predictable outcome, as deaths outnumber births, and those who are left melt into the demographic mélange.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The cycle can turn. Springtime can come again…to individuals, and nations, and races.

However, this turning does not happen all by itself. We must call it forth with great deeds and relentless efforts, individually and as a group.

Now, neither you or I have the power to change the literal seasons…but we CAN reverse the death-urge that even now threatens the very existence of our Folk.

That’s why I’m writing this – to motivate you to join me in this heroic, world-historical task.

I am determined to honor my Gods…and change myself to be worthy of those Gods…and to change the current course the world is on…because “The existence of my people is not negotiable.”

Quite apart from its intrinsic value, spirituality shapes culture – and culture shapes politics. If we want to change the world, we have to change our spiritual interpretation of the least among our own Folk. One major tool for this purpose is the Asatru Folk Assembly, which I founded. We must make ourselves worthy of our Gods and Goddesses – and of our noble Ancestors.

For several years, I have called directly upon Wotan, asking him to Awaken our sleeping Folk. Wotan is real, and he has intervened before in our history…Let the Jungians think of him as “an archetype in the collective consciousness of the Germanic peoples”…HE doesn’t mind their agnosticism, so why should I? My instrument for this Awakening has been Wotan Network which I urge you to support. Wotan Network started off as an instrument for sharing memes, but is morphing into a much more activism-and-lifestyle subculture.

Our people have been asleep, frozen in the ice of uncertainty, self-hatred, modernity, and political correctness. But we will melt this ice with our courage, our wit, our love for our people.

Our story is not done, and before us lies a great Destiny… Arise, and grasp it!